If I died 2night feat Shai

With songs like “Comforter”, “Come with me”, and “If I ever fall in love again”, R&B recording group Shai have proven to be one of the most talented groups in the industry today. Watch Kayzure’s new music video feat the soulful quartet “If I died tonight.” Music Video

Never give up.

This photo gives me great inspiration. It gives me the drive and strength to never give up on my dreams. This might of been just a photo to Will Smith at the time. Maybe even just a statement. Even so, Will Smith became one of the biggest movie stars to ever hit the big screen. Gracefully stepping into the role of Muhammad Ali, in the movie Ali. Never give up. Destiny is a story only you can write.

Do what you love or nothing

The average person spends between 8 to 10 hours a day contributing to the dreams of others, just to make ends meet. Let’s aspire to be more and work together towards building our own dreams by doing what we love or nothing! Join our campaign by ordering your shirt today.  Do what you love or nothing T-Shirts by Kayzure